Do you want to import a car from the United States to Italy?

Like you, I could not find a precise, detailed and transparent guide for this process anywhere in English or Italian. After spending unreasonable amount of time and money which often end in little more than frustration until the next frustrating step, against all odds, I finally got the Italian license plates for my car. However, the experience was so unpleasant and costly that I had to share it with anyone who is thinking about doing the same, so you will know exactly what to expect and make a fully informed decision.

Like many others, I could not have made a fully informed decision because the lack of information. I was stubborn and resourceful enough to have learned the process and completed each step by myself, often when so-called experts did not know how to do it, and I am sharing it all with you here.

This is the only web site in the world devoted specifically to the complete process of importing your car and registering it in Italy. My eBook is based on experience, backed by facts and Italian law. You will not find such detailed information from one source anywhere else and it will pay for itself in little time. It will most likely save you more than two thousand euros right off the bat.

I took the effort to compile my experience and document the entire process for your convenience and benefit. Much of the eBook's content are available on this web site, however, some very important and obscure details that could make months or hundreds to thousands of dollars of difference in your process are only available in the full version. If you found this web site help, please support my effort by buying the eBook, In addition to have an organized eBook format, you also have access to some bonus contents such as translation of common automobile and bureaucracy terms, translation of U. S. driver's license in Italian, and more.

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