I hope you found the free information I provided useful. Often, one simple detail could mean the difference between several hundred to thousand euros and weeks to months wasted. Much more of such details are only available in the full version of the ebook A practical guide to import your car from the U. S. to Italy.

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For only €39, it will allow you to download the A practical guide to import your car from the U. S. to Italy. immediately, includes the entire chapters on this web site in Adobe Acrobat format for easy reading and printing. Plus bonus sections:

    1. Translation of your driver's license in Italian: it satisfies the requirement to carry it with you while driving. This itself can save you a €80 fine!
    2. Actual photos of what the (E) symbol looks like and where to find it on a car to avoid any unpleasant surprises and expenses when you go to the official car test! Knowing where to look for can save you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars so that you can rectify the problem before you ship the car.
    3. Importing classic cars

    4. Dealing with the import process yourself
    5. Selling your car

Alternatively, you may also purchase an e-Book comprising all of the above from, which you can then read from your Kindle, or Kindle software on iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry or your PC.

Personal Support + eBook
The above eBook is included in the total price €64, also it includes a phone call up to 20 minutes. Like all bureaucratic procedures in Italy, you may encounter difficulties that require additional help of an experienced person. I am willing to offer my help to you at a modest fee. While I cannot guarantee that you will get the result you wish, but considering that I have done what many thought to be impossible, the chance that you will accomplish what you want is much higher having me on your side than any of the other people in Italy you will deal with.

Pre-paid Phone Consultation (also available separately per call): €25 per call (20 minutes limit): both U. S. and Italian numbers are available. Please schedule an appointment in advance before the call (subject to my schedule). Phone call credit is good for six months.

Premium Pack €99:
  • Everything from the ebook
  • Credit for 3 email exchanges with me regarding your importation questions
  • How to import two cars duty free if you have more than one person moving to Italy
  • Sample translation of registration and title from California (similar to most states)
  • Copies of important and relevant documents I used
  • Complete document requirement and procedure from Motorizzazione in Italian in case you need to confront an ignorant bureaucrat who tells you it is not possible to convert a car with U. S. license plates to Italian plates
  • Translation of frequently used car-related terms (parts, bureaucracy), how they are used and what do they mean in practice. It is not enough just to use the dictionary as it doesn't tell you how they are actually used in real practice.

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