How to import two cars duty-free

This actually happened to someone I have helped. Unfortunately, the person did not know the rules and prepare ahead of time. Otherwise he could have saved several thousand euros of tax and duty payment!

The procedures for regarding the importation of cars are found in the Essential Guide. For importing two (or more) cars, the guideline is rather simple: for each family member moving to Italy as the place of his or her new residence, he or she is allocated an exemption.

However, in order to take advantage of this rule, you need to know how it is applied. Furthermore, many import agencies do not know the exact rule from the Agenzia Dogane (custom agency of the government), and will argue that you must pay both the IVA and duty, as it happened to me and someone else I know.

The only way is to show them the original document from the Agenzia Dogane, which is very difficult to find. However, it is included in the Premium Guide when you purchase my ebook.

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