Importing a classic car

In Italy, a classic car is defined as a car that is more than twenty (in some cases thirty) years old. The importation process is the same as a normal car, but the process to nationalize it requires some additional steps.

You will need a history of your car, which basically states that the car is indeed an old car. You could pay an exorbitant price to the car club of your car in Italy, or 20 euros to the Public Automobile Registry. A person who paid 300 euros to the Ferrari club said that he found out the PRA could give him the same document for twenty.

You need to join the ASI (Automotoclub Storico Italiano), the Italian Historical Automoto club for your car. They will give you a booklet for you to fill out, complete with the description of the car and many photos. Then, they will ask you to take your car to for a test (revisione) at a mechanic. The mechanic has to sign off on the brakes, engine, body and paint. Essentially, he is to check that these are in working condition and safe to be used on the road. This is NOT the same as the “collaudo” or roadworthy inspection and test conducted by the motor vehicles department. You must do the revisione before the motor vehicle department will accept your application and schedule for a “collaudo”.

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