Mandatory inspection

What is it?

The revisione is a car inspection and test that mainly focuses on the emission (similar to a smog test), noise, and essential safety (like brakes). The car test is required four years after the first registration of the new vehicle, and every two years afterward.

For an used car that that has been re-registered to another owner, the car test period is determined by the first registration date of the vehicle, and the date the new registration is issued. For example, if a car is first registered in August 2009, and the second owner bought it in July 2011, he will not have to test it until August 2013 (the first expiration of the period of exemption), and the subsequent test will be July 2015, July 2017, etc.

According to the law, there are about sixty inspections. The process takes about twenty to thirty minutes. The seriousness of the check depends largely on the mechanic doing the work. These are the areas checked:

·         Brakes

·         Steering wheel and mechanical state

·         Electrical system

·         Wheels, tires, suspension and cracks

·         Body (excessive rust, damage to the windshield)

·         Horn, seatbelts

·         Exhaust and level of emission

·         Headlight efficiency and regulation

·         Vehicle Identification Number

Where to do it?

The motorizzazione or the DMV can do it for about 45 euros. You can also get it done at one of over 5000 authorized mechanic shops around Italy. The private mechanic charges about 65 euros.

Penalty for non-compliance

If you are caught driving without having done the test after the last expiration, it is possible that the police will fine you and take away your registration. To resolve it, you will need to take the car to the DMV and do the test there. In this situation, you cannot have a private mechanic do the test.

If you are caught in violation on the high way, it is possible a tow truck will take your car away. On other types of road, they will take your car to a private place off the public road at your choice. Sometimes you will also be given the option to drive it yourself.

In practice, judge by the amount of cars spewing black smoke from the exhaust pipe, cars with broken windows, mirrors, signal lights, the police don’t enforce the rule very often.

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