Shipping the car

The cost of shipping depends mostly on the container size, current fuel price, and the distance travelled. Generally, the shipper can fit at least two cars and most household items inside a standard 40-foot container. If you have less than it takes to fill a container, they will consolidate your car with another one, which means you have to wait until the container is filled before it ships.

Go on the web, call around to compare the different rates, and find a reputable shipping company. Don’t completely believe everything they say as they may not be fully aware of all the cost and issues involved, especially when the car arrives in Italy. However, they should be competent and precise about the process and cost involved from the U. S. side. You should always have a quote in writing before deciding to give your car to them. If possible, insist on them to contact their agent in Italy to give you a quote for the custom clearance process. Keep in mind, you are not obligated to pay duty or value-added tax on a qualified used car as previously mentioned.

Back in 2008, when I shipped one car and a pallet of boxes of personal goods, I had to drive the car to the shipper’s warehouse in Los Angeles, and they handled the shipment from port to port, which means I still have to pick up the drive and drive it back to my place in Italy. This cost far less than door-to-door service.

From Los Angeles to Naples, I paid the following:

Shipping fee paid to US company 2800
Shipping Insurance 250
Misc. Fees for shipping 125
Broker fee paid to Italian company 1121.12
Shipping Related 4296.12

(U. S. dollars)

The amount of time will be most likely longer than what your shipper tells you, if it is sixty days, you should expect ninety to one-hundred twenty days, especially if you have only one car and they have to consolidate with another person’s cargo. Don’t plan your life around the arrival of your car. If you are shipping from New York or Miami to Genoa, it is likely to be shorter than from Los Angeles to Venice.

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